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Parent Survey

This page provides access to results from the parent supplemental survey. Please note: The 5Essentials system is comprised of student and teacher survey components only. Responses to the parent survey are provided for informational purposes only.

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Measure Respondent
Communication PreferencesCommunication Preferences Parents report their communication preferences for receiving information from their child's school. ParentParent
Computer-Internet AccessComputer-Internet Access Parents report the types of devices they use to access the internet as well as usage frequency. ParentParent
Parent ConnectednessParent Connectedness Parents report how connected they feel to their child's school. ParentParent
Parent Involvement & DisruptionsParent Involvement & Disruptions Parents report limitations to their involvement in school. ParentParent
Parent SatisfactionParent Satisfaction Parent's report levels of satisfaction with the quality of education their child(ren) receives. ParentParent
Parent-Student InteractionParent-Student Interaction Parents report how often they engage with their child in activities such as reading and homework. ParentParent
Parent-Teacher InteractionParent-Teacher Interaction Parents report the degree to which teachers interact with them to support their child's learning and development. ParentParent
Parents' Assessment of Involvement in SchoolParents' Assessment of Involvement in School Parents access their own involvement in their child's schooling. ParentParent
Parents' Assessment of School SafetyParents' Assessment of School Safety Parents assess the safety of the school environment. ParentParent
Parents' Assessment of Teacher TrustParents' Assessment of Teacher Trust Parents assess the relationship they have with teachers in improving student learning. ParentParent
Quality of School FacilitiesQuality of School Facilities Parents rate the quality of the school's facilities. ParentParent
School OutreachSchool Outreach Parents report on how welcoming and communicative their interactions have been with the school staff. ParentParent

No reports related to all measures are available.