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All Measures

This page displays core teacher and student measures from all 5Essentials as well as any extra supplemental teacher and student measures.

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Measure Respondent Measure Performance Essential
Instructional LeadershipInstructional Leadership The school leadership team sets high standards for teaching and student learning. TeacherTeacher 65Performance on Instructional Leadership Effective Leaders Instructional Leadership
Effective Leaders
Program CoherenceProgram Coherence School programs are coordinated and consistent with its goals for student learning. TeacherTeacher 76Performance on Program Coherence Effective Leaders Program Coherence
Effective Leaders
Teacher InfluenceTeacher Influence Teachers have influence in a broad range of decisions regarding school policies and practices. TeacherTeacher 65Performance on Teacher Influence Effective Leaders Teacher Influence
Effective Leaders
Teacher-Principal TrustTeacher-Principal Trust Teachers and principals share a high level of mutual trust and respect. TeacherTeacher 84Performance on Teacher-Principal Trust Effective Leaders Teacher-Principal Trust
Effective Leaders
Collaborative PracticesCollaborative Practices Teachers observe each others' practice and work together to review assessment data and develop instructional strategies. TeacherTeacher 86Performance on Collaborative Practices Collaborative Teachers Collaborative Practices
Collaborative Teachers
Collective ResponsibilityCollective Responsibility Teachers share a strong sense of responsibility for student development, school improvement, and professional growth. TeacherTeacher 54Performance on Collective Responsibility Collaborative Teachers Collective Responsibility
Collaborative Teachers
Quality Professional DevelopmentQuality Professional Development Professional development is rigorous and focused on student learning. TeacherTeacher 88Performance on Quality Professional Development Collaborative Teachers Quality Professional Development
Collaborative Teachers
School CommitmentSchool Commitment Teachers are deeply committed to the school. TeacherTeacher 67Performance on School Commitment Collaborative Teachers School Commitment
Collaborative Teachers
Teacher-Teacher TrustTeacher-Teacher Trust Teachers are supportive and respectful of one another, personally and professionally. TeacherTeacher 51Performance on Teacher-Teacher Trust Collaborative Teachers Teacher-Teacher Trust
Collaborative Teachers
Parent Influence on Decision Making in SchoolsParent Influence on Decision Making in Schools The school has created opportunities for parents to participate in developing academic programs and influencing school curricula. TeacherTeacher 59Performance on Parent Influence on Decision Making in Schools Involved Families Parent Influence on Decision Making in Schools
Involved Families
Parent Involvement in SchoolParent Involvement in School Parents are active participants in their child's schooling. TeacherTeacher 44Performance on Parent Involvement in School Involved Families Parent Involvement in School
Involved Families
Teacher-Parent TrustTeacher-Parent Trust Teachers and parents are partners in improving student learning. TeacherTeacher 66Performance on Teacher-Parent Trust Involved Families Teacher-Parent Trust
Involved Families
Academic PersonalismAcademic Personalism Teachers connect with students in the classroom and support them in achieving academic goals. StudentStudent 49Performance on Academic Personalism Supportive Environment Academic Personalism
Supportive Environment
Peer Support for Academic WorkPeer Support for Academic Work Students demonstrate behaviors that lead to academic achievement. StudentStudent 43Performance on Peer Support for Academic Work Supportive Environment Peer Support for Academic Work
Supportive Environment
SafetySafety Students feel safe both in and around the school building, and while they travel to and from home. StudentStudent 38Performance on Safety Supportive Environment Safety
Supportive Environment
Student-Teacher TrustStudent-Teacher Trust Students and teachers share a high level of mutual trust and respect. StudentStudent 42Performance on Student-Teacher Trust Supportive Environment Student-Teacher Trust
Supportive Environment
Academic PressAcademic Press Teachers expect students to do their best and to meet academic demands. StudentStudent 70Performance on Academic Press Ambitious Instruction Academic Press
Ambitious Instruction
English InstructionEnglish Instruction Students interact with course material and one another to build and apply critical reading and writing skills. StudentStudent 59Performance on English Instruction Ambitious Instruction English Instruction
Ambitious Instruction
Math InstructionMath Instruction Students interact with course material and one another to build and apply knowledge in their math classes. StudentStudent 99Performance on Math Instruction Ambitious Instruction Math Instruction
Ambitious Instruction
Quality of Student DiscussionQuality of Student Discussion Students participate in classroom discussions that build their critical thinking skills. TeacherTeacher 52Performance on Quality of Student Discussion Ambitious Instruction Quality of Student Discussion
Ambitious Instruction
Academic EngagementAcademic Engagement Students are interested and engaged in learning. StudentStudent 57Performance on Academic Engagement ZZ Academic Engagement
Classroom DisruptionsClassroom Disruptions Teachers report on the degree to which other students disrupt their learning. TeacherTeacher 70Performance on Classroom Disruptions ZZ Classroom Disruptions
Classroom RigorClassroom Rigor Teachers encourage all students to make connections and seek multiple perspectives through their coursework. StudentStudent 30Performance on Classroom Rigor ZZ Classroom Rigor
Collective Use of Assessment DataCollective Use of Assessment Data Teachers regularly review assessment data independently, with colleagues, and with the principal. TeacherTeacher 70Performance on Collective Use of Assessment Data ZZ Collective Use of Assessment Data
Course ClarityCourse Clarity Students are provided clear learning goals and instruction that supports achievement. StudentStudent 47Performance on Course Clarity ZZ Course Clarity
Emotional HealthEmotional Health Students have the skills to nurture positive and respectful relationships with others. StudentStudent 23Performance on Emotional Health ZZ Emotional Health
GritGrit Students sustain interest and effort toward long-term goals. StudentStudent 16Performance on Grit ZZ Grit
Human & Social Resources in the CommunityHuman & Social Resources in the Community Students come from communities where there are adults they can trust who provide a safe environment. StudentStudent 57Performance on Human & Social Resources in the Community ZZ Human & Social Resources in the Community
InnovationInnovation Teachers have a strong orientation toward improvement and a willingness to be a part of an active learning environment. TeacherTeacher 37Performance on Innovation ZZ Innovation
Inquiry-Based Science InstructionInquiry-Based Science Instruction Students conduct scientific investigations, including generating and testing hypotheses, writing lab reports and using laboratory equipment. StudentStudent 50Performance on Inquiry-Based Science Instruction ZZ Inquiry-Based Science Instruction
Parent SupportivenessParent Supportiveness Parents support their children emotionally and developmentally. StudentStudent 45Performance on Parent Supportiveness ZZ Parent Supportiveness
Reflective DialogueReflective Dialogue Teachers frequently talk with each other about curriculum, instruction, and student learning. TeacherTeacher 82Performance on Reflective Dialogue ZZ Reflective Dialogue
Rigorous Study HabitsRigorous Study Habits Students set aside time for schoolwork and give priority to studying. StudentStudent 53Performance on Rigorous Study Habits ZZ Rigorous Study Habits
School ConnectednessSchool Connectedness Students feel included in their school’s community. StudentStudent 50Performance on School Connectedness ZZ School Connectedness
School safetySchool safety Students encounter very little crime, violence, or bullying at school. StudentStudent 62Performance on School safety ZZ School safety
Socialization of New TeachersSocialization of New Teachers New teachers are included in the professional community and are given helpful feedback on their instructional practices. TeacherTeacher 99Performance on Socialization of New Teachers ZZ Socialization of New Teachers
Student Peer RelationshipsStudent Peer Relationships Students treat each other with respect, work well together, and help each other learn. StudentStudent 36Performance on Student Peer Relationships ZZ Student Peer Relationships
Student ResponsibilityStudent Responsibility Students are active participants in their own learning and regularly attend class prepared to learn. TeacherTeacher 49Performance on Student Responsibility ZZ Student Responsibility
Teacher SafetyTeacher Safety Teachers report little or no disorder in the hallways, physical conflict among students, vandalism, robbery or theft, and threats of violence against teachers. TeacherTeacher 47Performance on Teacher Safety ZZ Teacher Safety

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