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Disney II Magnet High School

High School (9-12)

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3900 N Lawndale Ave

Measure: Quality of Student Discussion – strong

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Performance on Quality of Student Discussion

Quality of Student Discussion
Students participate in classroom discussions that build their critical thinking skills.

Disney II Magnet High School Comparative Performance on Quality of Student Discussion

Very Weak
Very Strong


What are these results based on?

Quality of Student Discussion is comprised of the survey questions shown below. Disney II Magnet High School's performance on individual survey questions is available below to identify particular strengths and weaknesses on Quality of Student Discussion.

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Teachers report the following about classroom discussions: [Expand All]
Responses on Students use data and text references to support their ideas.
Responses on Students provide constructive feedback to their peers and to me.
Responses on Students build on each other’s ideas during discussion.
Responses on Most students participate in the discussion at some point.
Responses on Students show each other respect.

No reports related to Quality of Student Discussion are available.

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