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Disney II Magnet High School

High School (9-12)

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3900 N Lawndale Ave

Measure: Classroom Rigor – neutral


Performance on Classroom Rigor

Classroom Rigor
Teachers encourage all students to make connections and seek multiple perspectives through their coursework.

Disney II Magnet High School Comparative Performance on Classroom Rigor

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Very Strong


What are these results based on?

Classroom Rigor is comprised of the survey questions shown below. Disney II Magnet High School's performance on individual survey questions is available below to identify particular strengths and weaknesses on Classroom Rigor.

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Students report that the teacher in their target class: [Expand All]
Responses on Often connects what I am learning to life outside of the classroom.
Responses on We talk about different solutions or points of view.
Responses on Encourages students to share their ideas about things we are studying in class.
Responses on Encourages us to consider different solutions or points of view.
Responses on Doesn't let students give up when the work gets hard.
Responses on Often requires me to explain my answers.

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