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Disney II Magnet High School

High School (9-12)

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3900 N Lawndale Ave

Measure: Collective Responsibility – strong

Measures of Collaborative Teachers

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Performance on Collective Responsibility

Collective Responsibility
Teachers share a strong sense of responsibility for student development, school improvement, and professional growth.

Disney II Magnet High School Comparative Performance on Collective Responsibility

Very Weak
Very Strong


What are these results based on?

Collective Responsibility is comprised of the survey questions shown below. Disney II Magnet High School's performance on individual survey questions is available below to identify particular strengths and weaknesses on Collective Responsibility.

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Teachers report that other teachers in the school: [Expand All]
Responses on Feel responsible when students in this school fail?
Responses on Feel responsible to help each other do their best?
Responses on Help maintain discipline in the entire school, not just their classroom?
Responses on Take responsibility for improving the school?
Responses on Feel responsible for helping students develop self-control?
Responses on Feel responsible that all students learn?

No reports related to Collective Responsibility are available.

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