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Franz Peter Schubert Elementary School

Primary School (K/PK-5)

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2727 N Long Ave

Measure: Teacher-Parent Trust – very strong

Measures of Involved Families

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Performance on Teacher-Parent Trust

Teacher-Parent Trust
Teachers and parents are partners in improving student learning.

Franz Peter Schubert Elementary School Comparative Performance on Teacher-Parent Trust

Very Weak
Very Strong


What are these results based on?

Teacher-Parent Trust is comprised of the survey questions shown below. Franz Peter Schubert Elementary School's performance on individual survey questions is available below to identify particular strengths and weaknesses on Teacher-Parent Trust.

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Teachers report the following: [Expand All]
Responses on Parents do their best to help their children learn
Responses on Teachers feel good about parents' support for their work
Responses on Parents support teachers teaching efforts
Responses on Teachers and parents at this school think of each other as partners in educating children.
Responses on Staff at this school work hard to build trusting relationships with parents.
Responses on Teachers feel respected by the parents of the students

No reports related to Teacher-Parent Trust are available.

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