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Franz Peter Schubert Elementary School

Primary School (K/PK-5)

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2727 N Long Ave

5Essentials Overall – organized for improvement

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Five Essentials


Performance on 5Essentials

In 2018, students and teachers in Chicago Public Schools participated in the 2018 CPS 5Essentials Survey, which asked questions about their school’s culture and climate. Franz Peter Schubert Elementary School’s performance on the 5Essentials (see diagram) summarizes the participants’ answers to those survey questions as they relate to the 5Essentials.

Survey Response Rates for Schubert

Respondent Response Rate (CPS)
Students 0.0% (81.4%)
Teachers 96.2% (79.9%)

Franz Peter Schubert Elementary School Comparative Performance on 5Essentials Overall

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What are these results based on?

This school's overall performance is based on the 5Essentials shown below. Click the to learn more about each Essential and its underlying concepts (measures).

Essential Essential Performance
Ambitious Instruction Classes are challenging and engaging. Performance on Ambitious Instruction Low Response/Not Applicable*
Effective Leaders Principals and teachers implement a shared vision for success. Performance on Effective Leaders Neutral
Collaborative Teachers Teachers collaborate to promote professional growth. Performance on Collaborative Teachers Strong
Involved Families The entire staff builds strong external relationships. Performance on Involved Families Very Strong
Supportive Environment The school is safe, demanding, and supportive. Performance on Supportive Environment Low Response/Not Applicable