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Measure: Academic Press – neutral

Measures of Ambitious Instruction

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Performance on Academic Press

Academic Press
Teachers expect students to do their best and to meet academic demands.

ASPIRA Business and Finance Comparative Performance on Academic Press

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What are these results based on?

Academic Press is comprised of the survey questions shown below. ASPIRA Business and Finance's performance on individual survey questions is available below to identify particular strengths and weaknesses on Academic Press.

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Students report the following about one specific class: [Expand All]
Responses on The teacher asks difficult questions in class
Responses on The teacher asks difficult questions on tests
Responses on This class challenges me
Responses on This class really makes me think.
Responses on I really learn a lot in this class
Responses on This class requries me to work hard to do well
Responses on The teacher wants us to become better thinkers, not just memorize things
Responses on The teacher expects me to do my best all the time
Responses on The teacher expects everyone to work hard

No reports related to Academic Press are available.

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